What a sweet little girl

5 days ago.

Bus conductor had no change, he was suppose to give me 6rs. At the last stop I went to ask him for my 6rs.

There were 2 more girls waiting to collect change, another 6rs change. So the conductor gave 10rs+2rs coin to both of us and asked us to share as he had no more change.

I asked her if she had got some change, she said no. I smiled and asked her to keep it. I went off.

I was walking very fast that day by cursing my fate because I had to let go of my 6rs. WTF is this life. Etc. Walking really fast very fast started humming song n walking.
Suddenly,I heard someone yelling Annayya… Annayya…(Which means brother in Telugu ) I stopped and turned back. I was astonished. It was that same girl with whom I was suppose to share 6rs out of 12rs.

She handed over me three 2rs coins and smiled at me.

OMG, what a nice girl. I walked almost half kilometer, she followed me all the way just to hand over my share of 6rs.

What a nice girl, again. So sweet. I kept saying the same lines.!!


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