What a chaos…….

I was supposed to book a room for our  upcoming project lead who was half way to the destination in the morning.So,  I was rushed and googled few websites and grabbed few numbers and started inquiring for the availability of rooms in our desired places.

Website says rooms are not available for the next two days, OMG, really?

I contacted their agents and inquired regarding the issue, to make me even more confused, the agent says  rooms are not available in our desired locations but in nearby locations.

Whattttt? I was in  dilemma.

In order to complete the task, without any hesitation I booked a room nearby our desired location which is just 33min drive.

My Boss was puzzled with my decision and asked me to try through some other agent.

To my surprise again, the room is available in our desired location.

WTF, then I was supposed to cancel the previous booking and place a new booking through this new agent.

Problem here is,our desired  location is far from the railway station from where our project lead is supposed to start. But it’s nearby to my Boss’s place. What should I gotta do?

I informed my Boss regarding this problem. Thank god, he didn’t feel like give hard time to our project lead and asked me to finalize the previous room which I have booked already nearby our desired location.

Meanwhile, I felt like inform our project lead  regarding his hotel room details etc.

I called him up, and we greeted each other and he  asked me to drop the address.

Five minutes later I was writing him a  mail, in the middle of it I got a call from our project lead. He said he had got his room booked already so cancel the booking.

I was in depression that time.

Thanks to the agents for their patience in handling customers like me!




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