Everybody loves to be gossiped at least once in their life time and so do I.

This morning I was offered a ride by my friend to my office. Who has got his interview scheduled this morning. It was already late so we were rushing.  He is a good friend of mine and we both went to same school and graduation college. We started chit chatting during our ride.

Meanwhile, we started talking about our common friend who is about to marry his girlfriend who was also my classmate.

OMG! Can’t take it anymore.

He was that guy, who bragged so much about bachelor life. We even took vow as we would not think about marriage till our early thirties. The so called dude broke his vow and fell in love with my classmate and about to get married.

He even had a deal with the guy who had borrowed me a ride this morning as they would go on a bachelor tour across India.

Where the heck have those vows and promises gone  ?

We kept talking about the same thing again and again for more than an hour and we reached my destination, we greeted each other once again and I wished him all the best for his interview as he was already running out of time. And I started walking to my office.

Again I was late today.

Somehow I am managing to complete this post.



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