That one beautiful trainee auditor


She looks so damn good. You could see that arrogant,  confident and pride feeling that is being followed by a cute smile in her face. They are the best things that I have ever noticed in a girl.  Some where I found these qualities so interesting and beautiful. She doesn’t appear like an ordinary girl that I come across daily. There is something in her appearance that could grab anyone’s attention so easily. You could feel those positive confident vibes in her walk that could make anyone less in front of her. The dominant personality.

Did I describe so much ? OMG!

What else could I do, I am completely impressed by her presence, personality,  attitude and everything. She is not the most beautiful girl  but she completely got my attention.

What else could I expect more than just a wow feeling after seeing a girl in my regular, boring, irritated, frustrated life?

Oh god, show some mercy on people like me!

I’m  sure, I ll never forget this pride, beautiful trainee auditor in my life.

The Saddest part is, today is the last day for me in this office and I don’t think  I would get to see her again after today.

Best part is, I  managed to talk to her once. I wish I could have grabbed her for coffee or tea 😦  At least I should have tried 😦

I wish I would meet her again.




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