Empty pockets

Sometimes life knocks you down as hard as you find yourself nowhere standing on the earth.

You know, what I mean.

Finally, that life changing stage has successfully came.

It was  me yesterday who stood with just INR 48 in my pocket. I just didn’t have any idea what could I do with that money. So, I thought of travel to the place where one of my friends is staying and borrow some money to pass few more days until I get my salary credited.

God has got plans to make my day.

The place where I was supposed to go and collect money is far than I expected and it costs me INR 51. I just had 48.

I said the same to the conductor, she was really nice and asked me back how much did I have and I said 48. She asked me to get down at the place for INR 45 from where I was supposed to travel another 15km. I had no option to agree for that, without any hesitation I took a ticket for 45.

Bus had started and I kept thinking about the same thing what the heck  I was thinking to do on this earth with just 48 rupees which couldn’t even feed me enough.

I had so many random thoughts during the journey.

Finally, I reached the location from where I was supposed to travel another 15 km.

I informed  my friend about my situation and asked him to drive 15km and pick me up. He fumed on me and sent his brother to pick me up.

I said ok and waiting for his car.

It was such a routine feeling that I usually get, “the things that I’m waiting for are not gonna happen.

After an hour I got a call from his brother and he was coming to pick me up.Thank god.

He said he still got things to do, I was like whaaaaat?

Yeah, he got few things to do, he was actually supposed to pick up his relatives as well. So, he asked me to adjust in the car once his relatives get into the car.

No problem.

It was such a old model Zen where my legs were hardly able to fit in, no ac, rotten seats, dust outside and hot sun. It was still a great drive than walking 15 km with empty pockets.

My goodness, his relatives boarded another car and we started  driving  back to his home. Thank god, now I could collect money and go back to work.

We reached his place. I saw my friend, we greeted each other.

It was his sisters’s wedding ceremony. So, he was held up with many things.

It was obviously a stupid idea to ask him for money. Yet, it was my situation that prompted me to borrow some money. He said yes and asked me to have lunch with him. I had go return to my work spot so I said no.

He kept going this way that way , talking over phone, receiving guests. At some  point  he almost forgot that I was there to borrow some money and I was supposed to get back to work.

It was almost 2pm by the time I reached his place. He asked me to wait for some time. He had drop his relatives back so he drove back to his relatives place.

It was 3 pm first, it was 4 pm and then it was 5 pm. almost three continuous hours I had to wait for him.

Finally, he showed up and coming back and I had kinda relief after spotting him coming back with his sister.

I waved my hand and reminded him about money. He asked me to wait and got busy with another thing. After half and hour he came back and we both drove back to the place where I was supposed to board a bus or cab.

He was supposed to withdraw money from ATM, we were looking for ATMs that are nearby. We found one and it was out of service.

I cursed myself. and drove few  more kms and found another one. Thanks god. You are great.

We entered inside the ATM and he inserted the card typed his pin number and entered the amount.

“your daily limit of withdrawal has been reached”

I was dejected by the ATM’s reply like never before.

Even he felt sorry for that and handed over the money from his wallet.

Jobless life sucks. Homeless life sucks. Empty pockets is completely a different level.


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