My friend’s desire comes true

Year 2007

Sandy was going in such a light speed on his brand new karizma that could dominate the speed of sound. Nobody nothing could come on his way. His speed was dominating everything, he found his speed had taken him to the next galaxy. He was still riding his bike and crossing galaxies.

Suddenly, he found his father patting his shoulder patting hard and harder yelling “wake up………. you idiot….., He found himself no clues of his super fast ride on his favorite bike to the galaxy.

He got up and dressed up and signed up for that day’s work.

It was the regular dream that he used to get all the time when ever his eyes start feeling weight. A dream that could make him super man.. sorry, super rider in his dream. A dream that could dominate the reality.

He loves that dream. He loves riding that bike in his dream. He loves that bike.

He had finally decided to buy that bike at any cost despite he hardly able to spare money for it. he started saving money.

The job that he was doing was just a part time one. He hardly able to save. But his desire towards the bike motivated him to save even a single penny that he could save in a single day.

Two years completed in his job and his savings were really good but there was no change in his favorite dream.

He saved 50,000 rupees, he was just few more bucks away to buy his dream bike.But, he couldn’t resist the urge to ride his dream bike anymore. So, he thought of buy it on EMI.

He was really happy with his decision and slept soundly that night.

Again, the same dream that took to him next galaxy. Again, the same experience with his father.

He was preparing to his office, something had changed on his face that day. He found himself smiling at the mirror the reason was his bike.

He grabbed his wallet and started walking towards the door with a  smile and pride on his face.

Suddenly, he heard a news about his company that the company was being sued by their clients for some illegal practice.

Company was banned by the government and so was his money. He saved all his savings with the company. By this unexpected he couldn’t recover his money from the company.

His dream was shattered. he stood with a  broken heart.

Years passed.

That one favorite dream never happened after that day. He almost forgot that he once loved a dream so much. He even forgot his ride across the galaxy.

He became so busy in his studies, there was no way that he could get the same dream again. But, at some point of time he needed a two wheeler to commute. So, he asked his father to get him a bike.

He even forgot that he once had a dream bike. Now he just needed any bike that could help him to commute.

Year 2014, Feb’14

Everybody was busy with Valentin’s day. But, he had gone to buy a bike with his father.

He was going to all showrooms and dejected by the models. None of those bikes could impressed him.

He gave up for that day and turned back. He found a bike in white color. He found it so familiar. He felt like he rode that bike once.He felt like it’s his bike.

To his surprise, it was the same Karizma bike. The bike of his dreams.

That desire,lust towards that bike had woken up back and he couldn’t even turn his gaze from that bike. He looked up and smiled. His legs started moving, eyes got widened, there was a big curve on his face. He slowly touched that bike’s seat and admiring the body of the bike.

His father noticed it. And bought him the same bike.

It took almost 7 years to ride his dream bike.

Now, he stopped dreaming about the bike.He is busy in riding it.

Crazy destiny. But a very sweet destiny.

He asked me to dedicate this post to his father.


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