Anxiety that fizzles

It was such an amazing………Noooo, scary  31st night. We thought of having a solid bachelors night but all we got was just a scary, spooky 31st night experience.

Let  me tell you all this weird experience of my life from the begining.

Last night, as a part of our 31st night celebrations, we all gathered at one of my friend’s place. They stay in a  Villla.

The place is not so acquaintant to me but there were so many acquaintant faces. Of course, all of them are common friends. It takes a hand shake for men to be friends even with aliens.

We all introduced to each other and within  an hour, that acquaitant feeling was dominated by brotherhood.

All set to start rocking the 31st night. So much of alcohol, loud music and the most important thing is humiliation. Of course, humiliation is the major thing that we find so interesting and entertaning in friendship. I forgot to mention about a “minute maid pulpy orange” along with alcohol

I don’t booze.

They had prepared so many delicious non-veg dishes, Chicken, Mutton, Fish and prawn.

OMG, I couldn’t stop admiring their effort and most important the saliva that was trying to find its way out of  my mouth.

But, I had to control myself from touching the  non-veg items as it’s just been 11 days since I got my first tattoo.

Oh oo!

We started the party with few selfies and grouphies. Whatever we do in this 21st century that is supposed to be captured and uploaded on social media.

Everybody started sucking the bottles  as if the Drakula sucks blood out of humans’ necks.

It didn’t concern me as I don’t booze. So,I opened my Pulpy orange.

Party was going on and humiliation was  the  main thing in it.

It was almost 11:30 PM and I had to go and pee. I started walking towards the bed room’s door. I found it locked. I was puzzled and checked one more time. It was locked from inside.

I thought there could be someone sleeping inside. I started knocking the door slowly. I  kept knocking the door but there was no response from inside. I informed the whole bunch of bachelor men regarding the issue.

We all thought of someone was probably out of control or more on alcohol.

Everybody was found in serious postures and gestures holding drink glasses in their hands. Pin drop silence. Only one question in everybody’s head “Who could that be inside the room?”

We started counting ourselves we were total of 15. And we found none of us were missing or sleeping. Again, silence took place. Everybody started going mad.

“Who is that inside?”

Everybody started assuming, someone said some drunken punk entered into our villa and slept off. Everybody got furious and started banging the door harder and harder. We heard no response from inside.

We kept thinking about the possibilities of someone could enter into our villa. We found no such possiblities because, we were sitting nearby the room. He/She is supposed to cross us to reach the room.

We thought it could be some Ghost.

Ghost, Villa and the bunch of drunken men. It seriously reminded me of a basic story line of a Horror movie. I panicked and so did the rest for a second.

We seriously had no interest in distrubing the sleeping Ghost. So, we all got back to drinking and party mood. But, that anxiety couldn’t let us drink. we were so eagar to know what was inside? and how the door was locked from inside?

Again, we came back the door and started knocking and yelling “You stupid ghost.. son of a @#$%@#$….. and so on. No response.

We were all puzzled.

Finally, we thought of breaking the door to see who is inside. We started banging the door. we tried all martial art techiques to break the door.

One of us was spacing himself and started running towards the door to break it with full force. But, surprisingly none of our efforts worked out.

We all gave up and started drinking again.

It’s 12 am in the morning. OMG! Happy New year!

We cut the cake, greeted each other and everybody had gone busy with their phone calls and messages. I had couple of calls and zero texts.

Whatever, I didn’t care.

It kept going for the next one hour. We were all done with phone calls and messages.

Back to drinking. Same topic that strikes for the third time. “How the heck the door was locked by itself?”

Some random guy started a sensible discussion.

There could be a possiblity to the door to get locked by itself.

It was a sensible argument. But,we didn’t find it intersting than our previous assumptions ‘Random drunken punk and Ghost’

So, some of us started arguing. Especially me. I found the latter assumption so interesting than this ‘door got locked itself’.

Again, for the third time, we tried to open the door.

This time we started using brains. We started shaking the door so that it could be unlocked.

We kept trying but no result.

The only option that we had already tried before was break it.

We tried and exhausted. I tried flying kicks and few other. I don’t to what to call.

We were all exhausted and then my friend brought a screw driver so that we could unscrew the lock and could easily unlock the door.

We tried that too. I started capturing the whole thing while my friend was trying to unscrew the lock. Again, this plan also failed.

We thought of making a hole to the door despite we tried hard to break it.

My friend started making a small hole but, that door is just a rock hard. We were dejected and even thought of bomb the damn door.

Exhausted and gave up. All of us crashed on beds.

We had to use curtains instead of blankets because all blankets were locked inside the door.


We wake up in the morning and started looking to bring a drilling machine. We found it nowhere. We had to bring it from one of our friend’s office. So we had to wait till the drilling machine to do the big thing that we have been dying to do.

It was 9am in the morning, 10am…. Now, it’s 3pm.

Finally, we got the drilling mahine and started making holes to the door. We kept discussing about some random stuff that we usually find intersting in movies and in novel.

A dead body inside, Police chase and then interrogation.

A  screaming Ghost’s spirit inside after we open the door and few more same old filmy stuff meanwhile the drilling machine was doing it’s thing.

Drilling machine did it.

Door was opened.

Neither a drunken punk nor any Ghost(I am not sure) inside.

It’s the both 31st and Happy new year’s prank on us we thought  and laughed.

We wish this  year wouldn’t be so boring as we have already had an adventure before the year starts.








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