Late night meeting

It happened last night.

We have been having busy days since we started our new project. Our team hardly able to find time to meet  outside. It’s been almost two weeks since  I have met my Bosses.

We have been communicating through mails and phone calls. Thanks to  the technology. I still don’t understand technology. So, I don’t wanna talk much about it  because I hardly understand it.

Last night we all have set up a meeting as we couldn’t find time in day  time.

Night  meeting? pretty awkward.

I had two appointments yesterday so I had to travel a lot. Again, another team meeting.I was literally feeling sleepy during the meeting.

As usual, I didn’t rush, I was getting ready for the meeting.  I got a call from my team mate regarding the time change in the meeting. It was supposed to be commenced at 10 pm but it was postponed and rescheduled at 11 pm. My room mates felt weird about the meeting timings. Yet,I was curious about our meeting. I had got so many things to share. I boarded a bus and headed to our meeting spot.

Surprisingly, first time in my life I reached the  meeting spot earlier. Now, I’m going to prove all my friends who criticizes me as I am not punctual.Here is the live example. I think I should have posted a selfie of that special moment.

I was waiting in the reception, observing the flooring,interiors, trying to look at myself in the glass walls and adjusting my hair.

I found my team mate coming  towards the reception room then we smiled each other and shook hands. We both have settled there for some time and then moved to the meeting room. It was cool.

My bosses later joined us then we started sharing our statuses.

May be, because of late night meeting, I was feeling sleepy. I usually shout instead of talking but yesterday I was hardly talking and sharing my updates.

Thanks  to our team mate, he dominated the meeting.

Cool dude, even at the time of 11:30 also he was able to take active part in the meeting without thinking falling asleep.

Meeting was finished. No transportation by the time our meeting was done. So,  my boss booked a cab for me.

I hardly know the city, I got into the cab and then the drier said that he was also new to the city. I asked him to use the Navigator. But, no signal.

It was like an adventure, he managed to drive half way then I managed to navigate him another half way. Finally, I reached my room safely.

I still remember that  girl who was talking to a handsome dude in blue color dress with curly hair and the beautiful smile that could give giggles to anyone. I found her in the middle of my way to the  meeting last night.

What a beautiful woman! I said to myself and dozed off.


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