Drunken dudes

Nothing is more funnier and genuine than a drunken person.

I don’t understand, whether they deliberately do funny things or they do things in a funny way. Yet, the outcome is always able to make you laugh out louder.

Drunken dudes, they drink, yell, laugh, scream and do all random stuff that could make you feel clueless of what’s going on especially, when you don’t booze. They could easily make you feel like you are living on Mars.

Fortunately or unfortunately,   I don’t booze. Unfortunately, that’s the main reason why I always become the scapegoat in my friends’ groups whenever I join them in their drunken parties.

They  make fun of me as if I am the only ass that remained on this planet, without showing any sympathy or concern they bang me up.

Again, it was such a late, drunken and fun night yesterday.

One of my friends had gone for a vacation and he came back recently and joined us at our place so dudes thought of have some drink. I am the Minute made pulpy orange among all Kingfisher, Budwiser, Royal stag and  few other brands I didn’t remember the names.

Bottles opened, glasses clinked.

No one is more genuine and real than a drunken/angry person. To my goodness all of them were just drunk.

They kept making fun of me at first, continued by taking few good things that they like in me ended up  by criticizing me.

Every joke that played on me was  like a fun bomb that could demolish the bad mood and could easily  make you laugh out loud till your face aches.

My cheeks kept aching.

Fortunately or unfortunately, half of their drunken stuff was real. I didn’t feel like defend them much. I kept nodding my head.

It’s always a bad idea to go against a  drunken or angry person.

We will be the ultimate victims.

Friends are fun but drunken friends are the funniest.


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