Random thoughts

At my hometown, I come across a young sales guy who sells pens. He shows up daily. He is very young may be of my age group or younger than me.

Job is just a thing that could get you money to survive not to live. I don’t think job holders(especially young job holders) are happy with their mechanical lives unless doing job is their passion.

Money is the only thing that has been driving this planet so insane.

We created it now it has got the complete control over the globe.

Day starts with calculations and ends up by the same.

Family men are going through lot of stress.

I’m also one of those job holders who is fighting hard to survive on this planet.

What about living ? I seriously have no idea about it.

When everything is going well in someone’s life, he/she tends to give suggestions and motivation and brags a lot. But, the person who is so fucked up prefers to be quite as hell.

One thing, I have realized. Everyone is fighting. Nobody wants to give up their battle. That one thing  rejuvenates me.

But, the reality of this life always depresses me.

Sometimes, I feel like go to some unknown place and live without any identity.


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