Sales Manager burps

Spidy, he is a sales manager.

He feels like he needs to puke.

He burped louder. He thought he was going to  puke. But, it was just a burp.

He kept burping as if the frog is trying to sing. If anybody wants a cause to hate someone for no reason then he could be the one. His burps could easily make anyone puke on the spot. Even, he has been feeling the same like he is going to puke at any time.

Last night,he was drinking so heavily, he had no good reason to drink so much. He was pretending to be so cheered up so that he could hide the reason behind it. 

Since one month he has been going through rough time in his professional life.Being a very successful marketing executive, he was promoted as a sales manager. Now, role got him so many depressed, drunken nights.

I have been observing the change in his face. He was always depressed, pressurized. He was completely fed up with the things that were going around him. He wasn’t able to meet his company’s targets. He was once the most successful who made the highest sales in the entire state now craving to meet his daily targets.

He couldn’t find the exact reason behind it despite he is a very talented sales person.

Rough time, things have changed now. He was no longer the successful sales person. He started hating his profession, he kept cursing his choice of being into sales sector. He hated the targets, his boss, his company, his fate.

He kept making calls, writing mails. There were hundreds of such mails and calls.

All he used to hear was “next time” or no answer at all.

The target that he was supposed to reach appeared impossible for him. He kept praying to God, there were experiences like ditching him all the time. All he could do was heading back to his dorm and wait for right chance.

Month is about to end. He couldn’t even reach 25 percent of his target. He can’t even think of incentive this time. He gave up and he even thought of resign his job and join some other company.

He was depressed and thought of have a weekend brunch with his friends. He had already approached them regarding a business proposal. None of them were appeared convinced with his proposal. He had no hopes from his friends’ company to sign a deal.

With broken hopes and bottle full of alcohol they all started drinking. Spidy was drinking so heavily.  He had no good reason to drink so much. He was pretending to be so cheered up so that he could hide the reason behind it.

Today morning, he is still burping like hell. He couldn’t even wake up early. He feels like someone is hammering him on his head. He was in hangover.

He was burping, he may puke at any time. He thought he was going to puke everything. But, every time, he ended up with a loud burp. That irritated me like to leave to Mars.

He got fresh up and dressed up still burping and left to his office. Again, the same routine day at office starts. He couldn’t raise his head while walking because he was the only person in his office with least sales. He couldn’t even be free. Only thing that was running inside his head was “sale”

Burrrppp.. He burped again.

The last week of the month. No proper sale yet. He started thinking about job change.

He covered his head with his hands and started praying “God, just one sale”

He got a call from his friend’s Boss regarding the business proposal. He was called to thier office for presentation. He was sure that he couldn’t give presentation because of hangover and this frequent irritating Burps. It made him feel like it was a good sign. He grabbed his manager and had gone for presentation. He started his presentation with a big Burp that made everyone feel awkward. He apologized and started the presentation.

Presentation was over, and the discussions started. It made him feel like it would take forever to end. He couldn’t control his burp any more and burped again louder. Again,the anxiety and the hangover made his situation even more worse. He again felt like puke.

All business professionals were sitting around the table and discussing seriously about the business deal, he couldn’t control another burp. He had no faith on his luck. He thought this business proposal was ruined. Management didn’t appear so interested on his proposal.

He was dejected, pressurized, he felt his neck was squeezed, he was able to feel like throat was getting dried, he was suffocated, his eyes weren’t stable. His head is spinning, his vision got blank, he was losing his balance. He feels like he  needs to puke this time. Again, it was just a burp that saved his business deal. He would have puked on the documents. His burp saved his job.

Finally, He saw the management shaking hands with his manager. He couldn’t believe his eyes for a second. Again, another burp.

GM started coming towards him and extended his hand for a hand shake. He was astonished. This is it. The deal was made. He didn’t burp this time. He thanked god and shook the hand.

Now, he did a sale which is worth double than his actual target. He came back to his office with the documents. He was walking towards his desk, raised his head, there was a smile on his face, proud feeling in his eyes which have been covered with tears. Nowhere, we could find dullness on his face. Just a happy sales manager.

He should be thinking about incentive now.


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