Blows that hurt his heart

It’s been almost 10 months since this thing had happened.

We had no proper meetings or hangouts ever since we completed our graduation. We barely used to meet or talk over phone.

After 3 long years one of our friends was getting married. He was the first person who was going to get married after our graduation. The invitation had been sent to all of our batch mates. We were all very happy for him as he was the first guy who was about to get into wedlock. We were all so excited and started communicating to each and everyone of our graduation batch. Of course, we couldn’t reach few of them as they had changed their addresses and phone numbers.

All set for the final day.

I dressed up and boarded a bus, through out the journey I kept chatting and talking over phone about the meeting spot and the number of people who are going to show up.

I got down from the bus and made a call to my friends to pick me up. I was asked walk down the street and I noticed two bikes were heading towards me while I was busy in texting and they passed me. Suddenly, one of them yelled my name “JP”. That voice was familier to me so I jerked and turned my face. Wow, I was correct. they were my friends,  we greeted each other and they started pulling my leg. Well. it wasn’t the first time. I always get my leg pulled.

As we couldn’t fix any particular meeting spot so we thought of gather at the venue. We headed to the venue.

I could see all those changed and matured faces of  my friends.Few of them looked like a million buck. Especially, two of us were really dominating that day. I liked their new hairdos that day. Another one dominated with his cool outfit. I seriously cursed myself for being so normal that day.

Around 20 of us were gathered. It was a big number.

Wedding function went well. Our friend was really happy with our presence after a long time and so were we.

We had our lunches and grabbed few selfies, groupies. Then, my friend took out his DSLR. I had gone mad after looking at the beautiful camera piece. I grabbed it and begged him to teach me how to use DSLR. He tried to explain me so many things but I didn’t get any of them but I managed to click few good snaps. He is into film making so that dude has got some skills in photography.

All  of us flocked around him and started entreating him to take individual snaps for all of us. So, that we could at least have few decent pics of us. Till that day the profiles pics that I was using for all my social networks were really pathetic.

We kept taking snaps and making fun of each other. It reminded me of our old college days.

It was my turn to click snaps and I was excited to use that beauty beast DSLR. I started clicking snaps. Few of them were blurred.

While I was clicking snaps my friends were making fun of the way I held the camera and the snaps that I clicked. Even I felt so horrible with my photography. I think, I gotta attend at least few photography lessons.

A groups of goons were standing right beside us. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware of them. We were just pulling each others legs. While I was clicking on of those goons complimented me and I said Thank you. Then my friend played a joke on me. Suddenly, one of those goons rose and started walking towards my friend and stood with a dreaded posture. He was just 5ft and very skinny. He suddenly slapped my friend for playing a joke. Those goons thought my friend joked on them but it was a very big misunderstanding. My friend played that joke on me but those goons were drunk and weren’t in a situation to listen anything.

That 5ft skinny guy  slapped my friend and yelled ‘What did you say’ my friend was panicked and couldn’t reply,that guy slapped back and slapped again. We were all in confusion. Rather getting angry and punch him hardly we became protective.  We thought of apologize them and leave from there.

Those goons started beating my friend. My friend and I stepped forward and requesting them to leave the matter here. We tried to explain them as it was a misunderstanding.They weren’t listening and started beating my friend. Then the rest of the group joined us. None of us wanted to fight those goons. We weren’t really that strong to knock them out. So, we kept requesting them and tried to pull our friend back from the group. Nothing worked out.

Suddenly, one of my friends had gone so mad at them and started pushing them away in order to pull our friend back. Then those goons  fumed on him and slapped him twice then my friend couldn’t hold back his anger anymore and handed over me his camera and glasses and started throwing punches on their faces. They got even more furious and started punching him in such a menacing way. My friend tried to fight back but he couldn’t stand. He tried to save one of us but he got circled and had severe blows on his face. They slapped him, punched him, rolled him on the road, pulled his hair. He was waiting for us to fight those goons. But, we couldn’t think of fight them. We kept requesting them and trying to explain them. It was such a stupid idea to make such morons to understand the situation. The crowd gathered and everybody kept staring at us. It was their local area so couldn’t make any stupid decisions like fighting them. Somehow our friend managed to came out of their range while the crowd tried to hold those goons back from beating our friend.

We were just asked to leave that place immediately as one of those goons is a local rowdy sheeter. We grabbed our bikes and disappeared immediately from that place. We were scattered first and then gathered later. We were feeling bad for such a bad experience.

We dispersed for that day .

The next day We were busy in sharing the pics and uploading them on our social networking sites. I was happy with my pic. At least I have  a decent pic now.

It had been one week since this incident had happened. I got a call from one of my friends and while I was taking a nap.

‘Dude, we got a problem!’


‘You heard me bro. We need to go to Police station and give explanation for that day’.

(I panicked)

‘What are you talking about? Why would we have to give explanation ? We didn’t even say a word’.

‘But, Mou(The one who grabbed the DSLR and had been beaten up vigously) is now in trouble, we may go to police station’

I completely lost my mind. The only thing that was running in my mind then, was to take a stand for our friend.

‘What are we supposed to do now?’

‘Simple, we gotta go  to station and give a written statement’

‘Alright then’

‘We gotta rush’

‘Got it’

We hung up.

(That day, after we left the place we all scattered and scrambled. Meanwhile,few of our grad classmates who belong to the same area showed up while we were about to take a move from that place. We weren’t interested in extending the quarrel or fight anymore. So, I personally asked them not to prolong the issue. But, they  didn’t listen and got fumed immediately they came to know about the whole issue. The quarrel had gone to the extreme level, severe wounds bloody shirts and broken jaws)

I picked up my phone and made calls to all my friends who attended the marriage function that day.

Almost everyone was out  of station by that time. So, I got only two people with me. We all decided to go to the station and give explanation.

We gathered somewhere nearby the police station and were busy discussing the whole thing that happened without our knowledge. We were about to enter into the police station and tell them everything that happened that day. But, I don’t know why something from inside, our instincts stopped us. We couldn’t imagine ourselves inside the police station and behind the bars. So many questions inside our heads. We were overthinking. We kept posing each other all random stupid questions. We forgot that our friend was in trouble and we gotta help him out. Again, it was our instinct and the fear of such events held us back, we couldn’t go to the station. We couldn’t take a stand for our friend.

It all happened 10 months ago. Meanwhile I tried to explain him my/our situation and how such quarrels and police cases scared the hell out of us. We apologized for not taking a stand for him. But, we all hurt him so badly. That is something he never forgets.

I just don’t wanna think about anything when someone who is ours is in trouble. We gotta take a stand for them.

A very valuable Life Lesson for me.





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