All The Best, Alex!

Alex, moved along with his family into a new house in the town. He didn’t like that new house that his mum had chosen. He thought of resisting his mum’s idea of moving into the house but his instinct kicked him in his ass and cleared his situation. He was already a Jobless guy he didn’t want to be a homeless guy.

He hadn’t got any new job  opportunity ever since he got sacked from his first job, Alex couldn’t give proper reply to all those who used to make fun of his life. He used to get frustrated all the time, he used to spend most of his time in his new tiny room which was more like a small size bathroom. He hated himself for being in that room for no reason. But, he had to. Because he was afraid of going out to face crowd. He hadn’t learn how to face humans during tough times. He hated his days that kept running without pausing their journey to get darker.

He wasn’t getting any calls from agents or companies. He wasn’t attending any interviews. He wasn’t even trying to get a job. He wanted something in his life so badly. But, he couldn’t figured it out what exactly it was.

He used to look at his face all the time in the mirror. He always loved to stare at his own handsome face.

He used to spend time on his new home’s terrace. Despite it was a better place to stay than his former place he didn’t feel like to live in that house.

He was walking around and checking every corner of the his town. He wasn’t curious in enjoying the view, he just wanted to waste some time on terrace than cursing himself in his tiny room. He wanted some fresh air and some relaxation. He started observing the street and took a short note of how many adjacent streets are there and how many people are passing by daily. It had became his daily routine.

He started liking being all alone on the terrace, there was no such day in terrace’s life without having Alex spend a valuable time. He enjoyed watching birds flying high in the sky over his head. He wished he had a pair of wings to see the depth of the sky. He wanted to fly away from this world. He wished he were a bird.  He enjoyed feeding crows and sparrows. He enjoyed their company a lot.

Once, Alex was one of the most popular guys among his friends. But, now he was not more than just a scum. He hated his downfall. He hated his failure in his life. He wanted a good new start. But, all he could see was just an empty sky that was millions of miles away and wide spread.

He used to get lost himself in the deep thoughts whenever he tilts his head against the sky. He closed his eyes, he stood straight and rigid and wished some super natural power to take him away. He wanted to disappear.

He used to wake up with fear of how to go a day. He used to go to sleep with regrets.

He used to live in Fear, Hatred and with Regrets. His days were really drained with so much of negativity. His head was weighing with the thoughts that could kill the strength of his knees and thighs to make him fall on the ground.

His fate wanted him to suffer. His days wanted him to get tired of being alive. His thoughts wanted him to stop thinking. But, when he looked into the mirror he found a hope in his own eyes which were fully circled with dirt and darkness.

He couldn’t match up with his friends who were all pretty busy with their careers and their fast changing attitudes. He couldn’t match up with the world. He felt all alone. He had been repeating the same daily routine. Waking up, being alone and going back to sleep.

Whenever he came across a quote that’s about life, success and careers, he simply smiles at it as if he was reading a joke. He believed in one thing, Life without a success is incomplete. He was optimistic in his thoughts, deep down.

Alex’s family was going though financial crunch. He wasn’t able to do anything. He was watching his family suffer, helplessly. He couldn’t understand his own intentions towards his family, Why hadn’t he done anything to get a job to aid his family ? He was helpless. He was wasting time, his Mum didn’t expect anything from Alex but his love, his father was the only Hero Alex had ever heard of, his sister was his best friend. He had a great family. But, now that beautiful family was suffering, Alex wasn’t able to do anything. Helplessly, optimistically Alex remained quite.

Months had passed away, slowly a year. There was no progress in Alex’s days nor in his thoughts.

He looked into the mirror again, he found a fully grown hair that touched his shoulder and the beard that was almost 2 inches long.

He was fed up with the rudeness of his life, he wanted a change. He had gone to the saloon and  had his hair cut and trimmed his beard. His sister shocked after seeing her brother in short hair after a very long time.

The very next day, he grabbed his resume, took out his formals that had been buried in a suit case. He grabbed his shoes that had lost it’s shiny look and almost in it’s decomposing stage. He had a tough time in finding his stockings and cleaning his shoes. He stepped out of his house after a very long time. He couldn’t walk properly, his head was tilted down, walking faster than usually, he was nervous, and almost running because he had no answer if somebody asks him “What are you up to ?”

Running for a new beginning. It doesn’t matter where Alex would end up after that day. He wanted to keep moving. He hated being idle. He just wanted to move for a new beginning.

All The Best, Alex!


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