Millionaire turned Middle class man

It’s an another hectic day in his office. Being the cashier of his company Shiva has became a very important and busy person. He takes care of cash deposits, payments and all financial transactions of his company. Simply, he is the smallest and fattest  key person in accounts department. Nobody could match up with his efficiency and accuracy. He delivers quality work every time. That’s the reason he has been the Directors’ favorite employee. Not that he is efficient and accurate but he is such a loyal employee of his organization. He greets everybody without fail in  a hilarious way. He scolds and gets frustrated in such a sarcastic way. Nobody could control their laughter after seeing him pissed off. If anybody wants to have some fun, they sure piss him off just to enjoy his gaily covered irritation.  His colleagues pull his leg and Shiva responds back with his so called  sassy replies. Funny figure. Dark, short and fat not to mention but he is blessed with a beautiful smile. Still, nobody has got any idea about how he is able to run like a squirrel and finish things faster in time, without getting fatigued despite he is fat.  The quotient of innocence in his husky voice dominates what exactly he wants to say regardless of the topic. Some may find it boring. His voice gets surged up if someone tries to point out his mistakes. He appears more unsecured and not sure. He defends, argues, gets offended and losses every argument.  He doesn’t have any track record of winning an argument. He is very poor at face offs.  He is just like any other ordinary middle class man. He has got a small mopid which he loves the most and he never or ever borrows to anyone even at the time of apocalypse.

Shiva, just had another rough day. May be because of work load.  He came back from the bank and looked so tired. He reached his cubicle, he kept his black leather bag on the table in which he keeps all office files, cheques and other important documents. He settled in his chair and slanted forward on the desk with his hands crossed. He rested his head between the gap of his crossed hands and closed his eyes. Tears started rolling on his dark nose. He reached for his wallet in his back pocket and took it out. He leaned back in his chair and opened the wallet. He is looking at the black and white picture of an old man who is about 55 years. That’s his father. He started reminding those long forgotten days…….

Shiva, he was the son of a Millionaire. His father had got a Jaggery manufacturing unit that’s worth 2.5 Million. He was the son of one of the most eminent personalities of the town. His father was the most respected and loved among all their families and workers. The only man who had given his family a Life. That man loved his family, his wife, his sons, his workers and his servants. He never said no to anyone who had came for help or a favor. He was the only person who gained both love and respect at the same time. He set an example to excellence. He was one of the most successful persons in that industry and in his family. Shiva was his younger son. He was like a young prince. He didn’t need to worry about anything as he was the son of a rich man. He had never taken life so seriously. All he knew at that time was to enjoy each and every day that passes him.   He used to play badminton well. He used to love to tease girls. He used to have a bunch guys to accompany him. Being a rich man’s son, it didn’t appear so difficult for him to be one of the most popular guys in his college.

When life is so good and the family is so closed, what more could anyone expect ?

There was no disturbance at all. Shiva’s father was so happy to see the prosperity in his life and in his family. Nothing had ever dared to stopped this Rich man. He felt so blessed and grateful. He felt complete with the life. Felt so proud to see his two sons together beside his beautiful wife. There was happiness and proud feeling in his eyes. “This is life” he thought.

It was like any other day,  Shiva had gone out to practice badminton. The rich man was reading the news paper. Suddenly, he saw a news article on Jaggery Industry in India. That article was about Jaggery industry and it’s forecasting report in the upcoming months. He had read the whole article and ignored it. It discomforted him. He got rid of that news paper but not that article. It didn’t seem like a good sign. His instincts disturbed him about the upcoming worst case scenarios. He took a sip of Tea and leaned back in is wooden chair.

“Dad” he heard and saw Shiva came from his badminton practice. Shiva started sharing how his practice was going on and how he would be winning the next inter college competition. Rich man  was afraid. He was disturbed by the news article. But, he didn’t care. He forgot about the article as soon as he saw his beloved son’s beautiful smile and his dream of winning Inter college championship. He patted his son’s shoulder and asked him to get ready for the college. Shiva went off and the rich man called for his manager and asked him to conduct a small survey on  other Jaggery manufacturing units’ owners and also asked him to submit a forecasting report on it.

Shiva became so busy with his smooth life. He didn’t care about anything. He wanted to win the Inter college championship. So, he had moved to other location. He was 3 months away from the big day.

The survey details and the forecasting reports were kept on the Rich man’s table. He opened the file and stunned by the reports. He had got more than 3.5 Million worth Jagger blocks were ready to dispatch. He had to dispatch the whole stock as fast as possible. The forecasting reports and the ongoing changes in the industry were completely out of control. He hoped for the best. He didn’t want to see his family know about it. He wanted to survive this stage of his life alone.

Jaggery prices turned tart to his manufacturers. There was a huge fall in price. All other Manufacturers started shutting down their units until the price comes back to normal. Rich man was suggested  by other unit owners to shut down the unit immediately. But, the Rich man didn’t want his workers to suffer with hunger. “There are many fathers, brothers and husbands in my workers, no in my family” he thought. Rich man didn’t shut down the unit and run it despite there was a huge downfall in price of Jagger blocks. He had tons of Jagger blocks as inventory already. He couldn’t clear the inventory stock in time. There was no demand for Jagger market. There were no orders. All his stock had to go in vain. Had he been shut down the unit for some time when he was suggested to do, he would have survived this stage. He couldn’t have thought of shut it down because he didn’t want his workers to suffer. He loved his workers. Now, that same love had dragged him to the situation like this. He lost the stock, he run the unit where there was no demand and no value. He had to go for borrowings to run the unit at the time of  crisis. Now, he had to repay the whole amount. All other manufacturers were still waiting for the right time to strike back. Rich man, now got hooked up. His credits were outstanding. Creditors started pressurizing him. Rich man didn’t know how to deal with this situation. There was no way he could clear all those debts and interests without selling his huge manufacturing unit.”I’m not going to do that” he said to himself. Suddenly, he clutched his chest. He felt a sudden stabbed feeling inside his heart. He fell on the ground.

His own house along with his manufacturing unit had been attached.

Rich man was still on the bed. He couldn’t take the life’s knock. His workers who had faith in him, suffering now. That guilt had made his health even more worse than his failure. His one wrong decision had dragged him from Mansion to a rented house.

Shiva won the Inter college championship as he wished.   He came back from the tour. He  had not been informed about his fathers’ illness and the attachment of their assets. It had been three long months since he had spent with his father.

Shiva’s brother explained him everything that happened in the last three months. His father didn’t want Shiva to know about his illness and attachment of his assets. Because, he didn’t want Shiva to get distracted from him dream of winning Inter college championship.  He wanted his beloved son to be happy all the time. He wanted to give everything that he could to make his son happy. Shiva had broken into tears. He screamed and fell on the feet of his father. His father caressed his hands through Shiva’s hair.

“Where is the trophy, My son?” He asked Shiva. Shiva, kissed his hand and ran away.

Shiva was sitting all alone, he was just 21 years old. He couldn’t see his father in bed who was once the most respected man in the town. He couldn’t take the sham of the world. He came to know the reality of the world. And the meaning behind the faces of their relatives and friends at the time of their failure. He didn’t want think much about such useless things. He just wanted to support his family. He had decided to quit his studies and join somewhere and so had his brother.

He joined as a sales guy in a fancy shop. He was once a Rich Man’s son. Now working in a fancy store. The salary that he used to get paid in that store was lesser than the money that he used to spend in a day.  He didn’t feel bad about it. Life had made him a strong person.

His father wasn’t able to recover completely. He was more depressed than he had never been before. He couldn’t see his sons struggles to run the family. He couldn’t see his beautiful wife serving him with love, dedication and care. He just can’t take this anymore.

“I love you” he murmured. His eyes got wet. He closed his eyes.

Shiva came back from the store. Today, he looked so refreshed because of the funny incident that happened in the store. He reached his father’s bed and found him sleeping peacefully. He sat on the ground and started describing the whole story that  had happened  at the store with a fat lady. He told the whole story and started laughing by clutching his stomach and rolling on the floor. He didn’t see his father responding to his words. He was confused and moved his father’s hand and screamed “Dad” His body was so cold. He was sleeping peacefully.

It’s been Eleven years since his father had passed away.

Shiva’s phone rang and he came out of those thoughts of his beautiful past.  He put the wallet back in his pocket and answered the call. He forgot to take the receipt from the bank after he deposited the cash. “Oh god!” he cursed himself and grabbed his leather bag and headed to the bank on his favorite mopid.


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