That’s how it feels (just for fun)

Wanted is my favorite movie. I love Wesley’s characterization.

I just wanted to share few memes of Wesley and how they are related to my daily routine.

  1. How drudgery makes me feel like “Who the heck designed this system”


2. How I look when I realize that I’m just a part of rat race. “Leaving all my  dreams behind”.


3. That life threatening moment when my superior catches me taking a break “What the heck are you getting paid for?”


4.  How I think I would respond


5. How I actually respond  “I’m Sorry”


6.   When my friends say my life is going smooth.”Shut the fuck up”


7. When someone gives me free advice “Be in my shoes, you waste of words”


8. Frustration level


Pictures source #Googleimages #Wantedmovie(2008) #Wesley My favorite character.


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