A Beautiful Past

Kevin, he is the Chief Engineer now who is in his early thirties, dark complexion, silky hair and short figure. There are traces of intelligence and charisma when he speaks. It’s quite impossible to anyone to talk with Kevin without laughing or smiling. Sometimes, his colleagues and subordinates end up holding their stomachs in pain and panting after laughing so hard for such a long time. People usually please him not to make them laugh anyone.  There is only one thing that could listen to Kevin without laughing, moving and standing still is a wall. It’s not any exaggeration but the truth. People get that positive vibe when he is around. No complaining, no bitching and no politics. People enjoy  being with him. He loves his wallet. A beautiful Premium Brown Leather Wallet.

It’s been just two months since Kevin was appointed as the Chief Engineer. He had been abroad for more than 9 years. Whenever he gets a free time or during lunch hours he loves to share his experiences of his nine long years journey on a foreign land. His colleagues enjoy to listen to his experiences. He loves to talk about the  work culture, managements’ structures  and most importantly the life style of foreign countries including how they use their toilet paper. He just can’t resist himself from relating the things, persons, issues and problems of present with his past experiences. He just never misses a single chance to do so. Because, He loves his past. He loves to dwell in his past. He hates two lines that are most popular across the world “Past is Past” or “Don’t live in past” He just can’t go a single day without going back to his past. He just loves to live in there forever and ever. Nobody knows including his mother, why he looks so pleasant when he talks about his past. His face gets illuminated if he speaks about his past.  He just can’t come out of that beautiful world of him where he could still find happiness, peace and love. A Beautiful Past.

He might look so delighted while speaks about his past but somewhere there are hints of pain. A pain that could break  his entire world.  A pain that took his life away. A pain that made him clueless about his future. The same pain that gave him an unexpected life turn.

Nobody could ever get to know about anyone in this world unless someone puts an effort in it. That effort is Destiny. It takes a right time and the right companionship to bring up the things that have been buried deep inside someone’s eyes.

10 years ago:

Kevin was young, strong and masculine who was in his early twenties with thick black hair and with intensive black eyes. His family was going through some rough days. He couldn’t see his mother and father suffer anymore. They tried to provide him with everything which was needed to rise him to face the world and to be  a good human being.For him ,his family was everything. Nothing was more important than his mother’s happiness. He admired, loved and respected his mother.

One day, While his mother was asleep, he neared her and  looked at the pair of hands of his mother which were completely rough and dry. He noticed few scars on his mothers hands. They were cracked. He couldn’t see those hands which used to be so soft and smooth when he was a kid. Those beautiful soft hands used to caress his hair and face when he was a kid. A tear drop dived from the corner of his eyes. He saw his father who was so frail. He couldn’t breath in that tiny room anymore. He just got out of that room and closed the door gently.

He was on the road enjoying the full moon and wondering about his future. His mother’s cracked hands were the only thing that he could think of. He wasn’t getting himself out of those hands. He wanted to cry helplessly. But, his mother didn’t teach him how to cry. She was always able to teach him how to be strong when he had to be the week.  But, it’s high time to take a decision. He wanted to earn money like mad. So, that he would no longer see his mother suffering. He had to go away from his mother and from his motherland. He was all set to leave for Singapore.

He hated drudgery, but he loved his life style. He had been to the places that he had never heard of, he enjoyed the days that he  had never thought of, he lived the life that he had never dreamt of. He loved his friends and he was able to send adequate money to his mother who was waiting for her son to come back as soon as possible. She ever knew that it was going to take 9 long years for Kevin to come back completely. His father’s health was getting worsen.

Kevin could see the change in his life, started feeling his life and felt alive.

It had been six months since he had started his new life in Singapore. One day while he was on his busy day he got a call from his superior. His superior Max had a message waiting for him. He really wishes that could be a bonus or a salary hike. He reached Max’s cabin and Max welcomed him warmly and asked Kevin to be seated. Kevin was still nervous and cracking his knuckles then Max said “Kevin, your father has been expired

Kevin couldn’t be strong at that moment and burst into tears. Max didn’t interrupt him.

Kevin looked at his father’s body. He was pretending to be strong. He saw his mother crying. His strength diminished. He couldn’t stop his tears anymore. He hated his father for leaving his mother all alone. He wasn’t going to leave his mother at any point of his life, he thought. He hugged his mother and said “I will never leave you Amma, I promise

It had been two months since Kevin had came back to Singapore. Life had given him another tough level to fight, he thought. He used to think of his mother every time. He seldom used to think of himself. He slowly recovered from his father’s demise.

Days were passing so fast. One day he had gone to the Salvation Army, Singapore to donate his cloths. Since, it was his first time to be a part of any charity club Kevin was a bit nervous. He was standing nearby the counter to donate his cloths. He didn’t like the face of the person who was collecting the cloths, she looked so arrogant and not handling the cloths and other things with care as they were already used ones. He didn’t like her behavior so he didn’t want to look at that ugly face anymore. Suddenly, he noticed a  young woman walking towards him. In his entire life he had never witnessed a woman who was as beautiful and elegant as she was. A jaw dropping beauty. The confidence in her walk made him speechless. Her fragile hands were holding a box of used cloths that she wanted to donate at the Salvation Army. Her hair was waving in response to the air that kept trying to caress those beautiful strands. She didn’t use any sort of makeup but she just made him feel like a model in that athletic figure. First time he felt a strange sensation. He had never admired any girl in that way. He just lost himself in that beauty.

Her name was Catherine, she was from Philippine. She was a widowed woman who was in her mid twenties. It was the third time Catherine saw Kevin donating the cloths. Since, they didn’t know each other they didn’t feel like introduce themselves to each other. But, they used few glances whenever they came across each other. There was some uniqueness in Kevin that attracted Catherine. Catherine’s eyes were always busy in searching for the clues of Kevin whenever she went to the Salvation Army. Kevin hardly used to show up. If they cross each other all they could do was exchanging looks and a simple smile. Since, Kevin was a shy person he never dared to initiate the interaction.

On a rainy afternoon, Sun was barely showing up. Kevin was smoking standing against the sky by leaning towards the supported wall on his right hand side where he was enjoying the water droplets that were falling from the iron roof over him. There was a small water stock on the ground.  He tried to catch those slow water droplets while he was smoking using his other hand.That reminded him his childhood days where he used to splash the stocked water with his legs. He wanted to do that again and splashed the water with his left leg but he lost his balance and slipped on the ground.  Catherine was observing his all actions by standing on the opposite side. She rushed towards him along with her friend. Kevin was speechless with her sudden presence and astonished. They both helped him to stand, Kevin was fine, adjusted his hair and rubbed his back and knees and checked whether he was bleeding. There was no blood around. Thank god, he thought. And looked at that beautiful face.

Are you all right?

Hey, Thanks to you. Kevin, here!

I’m Catherine. What were you doing here ? I have been watching you.

Have you been watching me ?


Ah, I was just smoking and enjoying the weather. 


Have you really been watching me?

She laughed and said See you, Kevin!

Catherine didn’t show up for the next one month. Again Kevin came across her at the Salvation Army. They greeted each other and had a very long chat. Before leaving the place they exchanged their numbers.

There was no single day without the messages being exchanged.

It had been a year since they have exchanged their numbers. They were not just friends. They just crossed the limit of friends.

One day Kevin received a text from Catherine’s number

I Love You, Kevin!

Kevin was shocked and replied: I need some time.

Sorry, Kevin. It was my friend Marlin. Catherine replied back.

Kevin felt naked and replied: I am sorry. 

But, that’s what I have always wanted to tell you, Kevin. 

Kevin replied: If I hold your hand  once, you are mine forever. Think before you say anything. 

I will see you at 8 o’clock,tonight. Catherine ended up the conversation.

Kevin wore his superior Max’s Black dinner jacket over his black shirt, his brand new watch got him extra credits for his attire. He was simply breathtaking. He boarded a cab and headed to the hotel and reached at 7:30 pm. He just didn’t want Catherine to wait for him. He reached the lobby. Kevin had never been to such rich hotel before. He didn’t let anyone realize that he was new to such places. He was greeted by a FOA of the hotel who was looking like a pearl that just got out of the shell. He looked so clean and perfect in every aspect. Kevin envied that FOA’s appearance and responded with a smile.

Sir, your’s table is ready and Miss. Catherine is waiting for you.

Kevin was surprised when he heard Catherine’s name. He didn’t make any reservation either. He thought he was quick to the date but he was proved wrong immediately. He smiled and followed the FOA.

Kevin saw one fourth of the floor was reserved and neatly decorated with Red Roses. It made him feel like as if he was entering into the world of Red where no other color exists. He saw Catherine sitting alone in the corner wearing Black Color dress that barely covered her glowing skin. A single diamond was hanging around her neck that went too deep.  Kevin neither imagined nor dreamt of such day with such a girl would happen in his miserable life. Catherine watching him so confidently and elegantly that could take his life out of his body. Kevin couldn’t walk properly, he couldn’t take Catherine’s beauty. He stumbled and fumbled. He thought he was dreaming. He looked at his watch and checked the time, it was 7:40pm, a trace of smile on Catherine’s face made him to realize that he wasn’t dreaming anymore and he reached the table.

You are late said Catherine.

I.. I am sorry, since how long have you been waiting here for me?

Since you got my  last message in the morning.  Catherine spent her whole day in arrangements to welcome her new life.

Kevin shocked(loved) and said I am sorry. 

I didn’t expect you to apologize me. 

But, I… Catherine shut his mouth with her palm, held his hand and said Even I don’t leave your hand if I hold it once.  

It had been more than seven years since they have started living together. No one and nothing could stop them from being together.They had spend early mornings, afternoons, evenings and number of sleepless nights together. They felt each other, they lived in each others bodies. There was only one body and one soul.  They just loved and accepted each other. After their first date they both had agreed, convinced and confessed that they were married already, they didn’t need any formal agreement like marriage to convince the world. It was just Catherine and Kevin against the entire world.

Even after seven long years of relationship also Catherine didn’t know about Kevin’s background. Catherine never felt like keep a track on his actions and check his family background. Catherine just accepted Kevin as her soulmate.

One day Kevin asked Catherine: Don’t you wanna know about me completely ? What would you do if I run away from you ?

I Love you because you are into me. If you run away from me,  why would I want to think about you again ?

Kevin on his knees holding her soft hands said Catherine, Will you marry me ?

Catherine introduced Kevin to her family in Philippines. Her parents agreed for their marriage, especially Catherine’s mother liked Kevin very much. Kevin didn’t speak much since it was his first time meeting Catherine’s family in Philippines.  Catherine arranged a small party on that following evening. Kevin had a great time with her family and her friends. Kevin came to know about Catherine’s past on that day through her friend Marlin. A dark past that he didn’t like. He didn’t want her past. Kevin wanted only Catherine at that moment. He saw Catherine standing alone in the balcony in her red dress sipping red wine. Her brown hair waved back and she adjusted it with her other hand. Kevin reached for her waist and drew her closer to his chest and whispered in her ears “Why haven’t you told me before?” Catherine didn’t say anything, turned towards him and they kissed.

Kevin on his way back to India. He wanted to introduce Catherine to his mother. He wished Catherine was with him at that moment. He had already informed his mother that he wanted to marry Catherine. Even his mother was happy with his decision. He convinced all of his relatives. All of them agreed for their marriage. For the first time in his life, he felt accomplished. He messaged Catherine. She was the most happiest person on this earth. Kevin’s mother said “I have always wanted another daughter, Kevin

When Kevin and Catherine were all set to get into a wedlock, Catherine again invited him for lunch. One of the relatives of Catherine asked Kevin “We have arranged an apartment and a Villa for you and Catherine in Philippines, Which one do you prefer ? I recommend you to choose the beach Villa, What do you think, Kevin?”

Kevin was puzzled and said I wish that beach villa would be in India. Everybody laughed out including Catherine. Kevin didn’t understand their intention in laughing at his reply. He tried to explain his point. Kevin wanted to settle down in India with his mother and Catherine. The entire family of Catherine resisted his wish and plan. All of them suddenly got so furious. Catherine was astonished with her family members behavior.  She tried to calm down the situation. None of her family members wanted Catherine to go to India. All of them thought they would be getting married and would be settled down in Philippines for that they had already made arrangements. Kevin looked at Catherine and said “I will see you tonight at 8 o’clock

Kevin and Catherine sat facing each other in that same hotel where they had their first date together. It had been almost eight long since they had met and seven long years of relationship. Nothing had changed much in that hotel room except the decoration of Red Roses. Even the FOA was also the same handsome guy who had invited Kevin a seven years ago. One hour passed and the FOA showed up and smiled widely. He inquired when they gonna get married and requested them to drop him the invitation in mail. Catherine smiled at him and Kevin said “Sure, we do Eon” Finally they broke off the silence and brought up the matter.

They had three options: 1.Catherine should relocate to  India, 2. Kevin’s mother should relocated to Philippines and they didn’t want to choose the final option.

Kevin and Catherine had decided to convince their families to agree with anyone of the two possible options. They wished they should never go with the third option that could be the end of their world.

Kevin came back to India, his mother asked him not to worry about her as she had her friends and relatives around and told him to marry Catherine and get settled in Philippines. Being a mother she can’t sacrifice more than losing her son at the cost of his happiness. She just wanted her son to be happy. She didn’t want him to loss Catherine. She can’t relocate to Philippines as she already had some health issues. But, she wanted Kevin to go ahead with his future which is one step away.

Kevin said “I will never leave you Amma, I promise

Catherine tried to control her anger when one of  her family members asked her how could she be able to leave her family just to live with a dark  Asian guy? Since, Catherine was the only girl in her family, her parents didn’t agree with the idea of relocation. They all thought and wanted Kevin to relocate to Philippines along with his old mother. Catherine locked herself in her room and cried until she received a message from Kevin: “I just got back from India

The met the very next day. Catherine appeared so dull and exhausted. Her eyes were really red and lost the shine, her hair was so messed up. Kevin noticed all of them. Catherine wasn’t ready to leave her family and so was Kevin. They both knew that what they were going to talk about and how the discussion would end up.

Kevin said Mum can’t relocate to Philippines. And I can’t leave her all alone in India.

I want my family too, Kevin. Don’t come back. 

Catherine walked away. That was the last time Kevin saw her walking in tears helplessly. He wanted to stop her. He wanted to admit that she was the entire world for him. But, he was leaning back and watching her walking out of his life.

Kevin and Catherine chose to break off their relationship.

After that Catherine resigned her job and went to Philippines, Kevin came back to India. Catherine was so broken that she had decided to be single for the rest of her life. She didn’t want any other man to walk into her life again. She maintained no contact with Kevin after that day. Her parents requested her to marry some other man from Philippines but she simply denied and decided to be single. She always wanted Kevin to be the father of her kids. She couldn’t be normal after that day. She respected Kevin’s love towards his mother.

Kevin couldn’t imagine anyone in Catherine’s place. He had decided to be single. But, his mother was getting older. All she could wish at this age was to see her son getting married. She wanted to play wish her grand children. She requested Kevin to marry someone and asked him to consider this as her last wish.

After a year Kevin got married and appointed as the Chief Engineer in his current company. It had been two years since he left Catherine. He might have married someone and relocated to India. But, Nobody could take over Catherine’s place in his heart.

He took out his Premium Brown Leather Wallet and looked at an old Catherine’s picture which is laminated so neatly. He felt a  sharp stab in his heart and a hollowness inside in throat. That picture of Catherine reminded him of their first meet at Salvation Army, first talk in rain, endless chats over phone, first date, their tiny apartment and the beautiful face he had never seen in his life.

I want you to be the father of my kids, Kevin” Kevin still remembers that face of Catherine, when she said these lines. Kevin didn’t want to cry but a tear drop escaped from the corner of his left eye.

That wallet was a gift from Catherine.

A Beautiful Past!


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